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Full House @ Estádio Universitário

06 Apr / 13 Apr from 08:00 to 21:00
Estádio Universitário de Lisboa


FULL HOUSE @ Estádio Universitário, is an open event in the Estádio Universitário da ULisboa stadium, which offers a series of free events, namely: Lectures, Workshops, Health Checks, and Sport. The aim is to make the academic community aware of the need to practice and maintain a healthy life style and improve the quality of life.

Full House @ Estádio Universitário will take place from the 6 th to the 13 th of April.

Enrol in the different activities up until the 4 th of April, by sending an E-mail to

At the Estádio Universitário da ULisboa stadium we are committed to providing Physical Activity and Sport to impact on Public Well-Being and Welfare.

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