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Honorary Degree | Michael Drummond

08 May from 18:00 to 20:00
Auditório CGD | ISEG

honoris michael


Professor Michael Drummond will be awarded an
Honorary Degree (Doutoramento Honoris Causa) from
Universidade de Lisboa at a ceremony that will take place on the
8th of May, at 18.00
Michael Drummond is a Professor in Health Economics at the University of York, in the United Kingdom and he has dedicated the majority of his academic life to the study of the economic assessment of healthcare, with special focus on neonatal and geriatric studies. Much of his research has been recognised world-wide and he is currently an honorary advisor to the World Health Organisation.
Professor Michael Drummond was awarded an Honorary Degree from the City University of London, UK, in 2008, and another from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Holland, in 2012.
The ceremony will take place in the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Auditorium (Quelhas buiding) of ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management.
Attendance is subject to
pre-enrolment up until the 6th of May, 2015.