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II Caixa Conference | The Portuguese Economy in debate

30 Jan from 15:00 to 19:10
Grande Auditório da Culturgest



The II Conference of the Caixa Cycle will be on the topic of " The Portuguese Economy in debate" which will discuss the key questions of " The Financial Crisis and the Portuguese Economy: Have we learned any lessons?" The conference will based around two subjects on the topic and will count on the presence of two authors – Tiago Cardão-Pito and João César da Neves, whose presence is guaranteed, who respectively wrote ‘The Banking Crisis in Portugal’ and ‘The 10 Reasons for the Portugal collapse’: the financial collapse of 2016-2017.

The conference will take place on the 30 th of January, from 15.00, in the Grand Auditorium of Culturgest. 

The conference will start by discussing the banking crisis, with the moderation of Nuno Luz de Almeida, a Bank Manager at CGD, with commentary by Paulo Soares de Pinho, a university professor. Before the end of the conference, which is scheduled to occur after 19.00, the second half of the debate will take place.

This last round, which will discuss the recovery and collapse of the national economy, will count on the intervention of João César das Neves, author of the book on the same subject, and will be moderated by Carlos Tavares, with commentary by Francisco Louçã.

The Cycle of Caixa Conferences – The Portuguese Economy in Debate held its first meeting at the end of last year and will have several events throughout 2018 – always with the aim of encouraging reflection on the major themes of the Portuguese Economy, based on studies, academic works, or highly credible and accessible books. The presence of the authors will be assured, as well as the participation of businessmen and academics who can contribute with commentaries and debate.

Entrance to these conferences is free, subject to pre-enrolment by the 25th January, by E-mail, conditioned by the number of seats available.