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II Conference on Olisipography | The Lisbon outdoors

23 Oct / 24 Oct from 09:00 to 00:00
Aud. CGD, Quelhas
ISEG is supporting the Lisbon Municipality’s II CONFERENCE ON OLISIPOGRAPHY, 2014, which will take place in the CGD Auditorium on the 23rd and 24th of October. This conference aims to satisfy the suggestions made at the first conference to consolidate what is probably the Municipality’s major objective, and that is to "to ensure that the sacred flame of the city is never extinguished!", as requested by Sottomayor urban plan of 2012, supported by the words of the historian José Sarmento de Matos that "a city is a mixture of subjects, a mixture of things: it is Urbanism, it is History, it is Sociology […]".
In fact, LISBON is a type of kaleidoscope, and it was thus that the definition of a multidisciplinary nature is inevitable, and OUTDOOR PUBLIC AREAS is a theme that unites the city as a whole, both in modern and pre-modern times.

The title of "THE LISBON OUTDOORS" reflects this plurality based on the 4 themes of: WELLBEING / DESIGN; PAINTING / DOING THINGS; DANCING / GOING FOR A WALK and UPHOLDING THE LAW / VIGILANCE, which are intended to show and learn about the many "Lisbons", during a debate which aims to question the urban landscape and establish boundaries and rules, areas of responsibility and identities, symbols and idiosyncrasies of a CITY that is always plural in its makeup. Several new town planning strategies will be presented for the management of public areas, which meet such diverse criteria as censorship, art, the pavement, the weather, neighbourhood relations or tourism, amongst others.


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Enrolment: 21 7928150