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Inauguration of the Exhibition on ‘Money’

28 Oct 19:00



An exhibition on " Money", will be inaugurated in the cloisters of ISEG on the 28th of October, with paintings by António García Lopez, Cristóvão Valente Pereira, Ilídio Salteiro, João Jacinto, João Castro Silva, João Paulo Queiroz, Jorge dos Reis, Manuel Gantes, Omar Khouri and Rodrigo Baeta.

The Inauguration of the Exhibition will take place on the 28th of October, at 19.00, in the cloisters of ISEG (Quelhas building, 3 rd Floor).

Poster (pdf)


About the exhibition

Why not treat Money as a keyword?

«Money» is an artistic project that was started in 2015, which involves a number os artists/professors of arts, mainly from universities. The various works and paintings of this project will be on show at ISEG-Lisbon School of Economics & Management, Universidade de Lisboa, as from the 28 th of October, 2016.  

The universality of the problems, seemingly individual, that we all face, may be a reason to think about money as being a commonplace element of our social structure. But it is commonplace that it turns us into a collective, although shapeless and often overlooked mass, which is humanity. 

We are a collective entity, ordered by recognised and regulatory systems, however, we are susceptible to other adjustments. 

Thus, thinking of "Money" as a system, as a "keyword", or as "commonplace", was the challenge assumed by artists from various fields, including drawing, design, painting, sculpture and literature. These are people from different backgrounds, conceptions, and artistic processes. 

The objective is to establish visual confrontation between the various forms and aesthetic solutions that constitute this issue and to expose them, encouraging questions and interpretations which may be inconclusive, but which are always enriching, as they provide many different synergies.

This project, where 'Money' can be seen as "commonplace ' but is also as an organizational concept, is rooted in the principle that art, similar to other branches of knowledge, is not structured according to the thinking based on itself, but rather as being the crossroads of unknown functions, both material and spiritual, which embrace our very being and society itself, without us realizing it.

"Money" is not structured by a group. Rather it is a group of people who are artists that have developed research processes and are creators of works which are personal, differentiated responses that are remote from the prejudices that characterize this value-setting medium. Money has been the cause of all conflicts and all happiness and is related to the Age of Man, as its origin lies in trade and in the value and power of the few over others. Money is liquid, solid, and symbolic. Money is matter, form, and prejudice. Money gives form to the most diverse social organizations and human interrelations.

"However, if there this social structure did not exist, how would it be managed? Would there be another system in addition to money, or is money intrinsic to Contemporary Man?"

Text by: Ilídio Salteiro, June, 2016