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Inauguration of the “Janelas” exhibition | 4th ISEG Painting Workshop

26 Jun 18:30

As part of the 4 th ISEG Painting Workshop, the "Janelas" Exhibition will be on display until the 24th of July and will be taught by Professor Anabela Alves. 

“Janelas (Windows)”

Windows are our primitive essence. They give us the feeling of being free again, as in the beginning of time, but in a protected way. We are in and out and we know how to write during the day and night and whether dangers are far or near, whether the trees in smile during the Spring or cry in the rain.

As we look out of the window we always find our imagination runs away, as do our dreams, fears, our loved ones. The windows that we see at the end of the day never close as we want to capture the latest rays of light of different size and intensity that appear to come just for us. The windows of our evening are open and bright green, blue and orange can be seen from beneath the blinds. Do not close them, as we are there and the light is everything, inside and outside of us and inside and outside the room. And we can peek inside from outside, and outside from inside, with curiosity about everything and about nothing, as the window blows in inspiration. But it only does this a little, as the night is also lurking and can trick us with its shadows and strokes. Just a little more please, let us stay to contemplate the comings and goings of those who always expect to repeat this experience.    


António Silva
Amélia Branco
Beatriz Peralta
Carlos Frota
Elsa Rosa
Filomena Pinto
Helena Magalhães
Joana Lourenço Silva
Leah Saraiva
Teresa Oliveira