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International Conference | New Directions in Management Accounting

14 Dec / 16 Dec from 13:00 to 15:00

ISEG is going to host the conference on New Directions in Management Accounting from the 14th to the 16th of December. The theme of this event is the analysis of innovative practices in management accounting and control, as well as research on these practices.

This conference is one of the world’s most renowned events in the field of Management Accounting and Control, which gathers together academics from Europe, America and Asia.

This year’s keynote speakers are: Robert Bushman, University of North Carolina, USA; Isabella Grabner, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria; and Eija Vinnari, Tampere University, Finland.

The presiding officers are: Chris Chapman, University of Bristol, UK; Frank Moers, da Maastricht University, the Netherlands; and Michael Williamson, Gies College of Business, Illinois, USA.

Organised by The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management – EIASM, this is the first time in decades that the conference has been held at a university, with ISEG being chosen as the partner institution. The member of faculty responsible for the conference at ISEG is Professor Sofia Lourenço, with the support of Filomena Ferreira (Advisor to the Dean’s Office), and ADVANCE.

Programme (pdf)

Further information can be found on the Conference’s home page HERE.