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International HRM Conference in Portuguese

17 Nov 10:00

– Management Research Centre of ISEG and CSG – Management and Social Sciences Consortium are organising an " International Conference on Human Resource Management in Portuguese" on the 17 th of November.  

–  Promote the production of quality scientific research in the scientific areas of Human Resource Management and related subjects;
– Contribute to the development of papers and work in progress through constructive debate and discussion;
–  Provide researchers at the start of their career with discussion about their research projects, in the form of a paper;
– Develop skills in terms of the critical evaluation of scientific papers and the presentation of research work;
– Strengthen the contacts among members of the scientific community of those Portuguese-speaking countries that carry out research Human Resources and related subjects.


The Conference, which will take place on the 17 th of November, will count on the presence of a guest speaker ass well as the presentation and discussion of the accepted papers.

Target Market
Researchers and professors in the areas of Human Resource Management and related subjects, students of Masters and PhD programmes, as well as others interested in the research topics being presented.

Partnership in conjunction with the European Journal of Management Studies (EJMS)

The Conference has established an agreement with the European Journal of Management Studies, through which the best papers of the Conference will be considered for publication in 2018. The best papers will be subject to evaluation and will then be published after final acceptance by the Journal's Editorial Board.

Enrolment open until the 16 th of November:
– 1 st September to 15 th of October, 2017 (1 st Period); 
– 16 th of October to 14 th of November, 2017 (2 nd Period);
– 15 th and 16 th November, 2017 (3 rd Period). 

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Poster (pdf)