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INVITATION | Gala Dinner as a Tribute to Retired Professors Jorge Santos and Joaquim Ramos Silva

08 Oct 20:00
Salão Nobre


At the start of this Academic Year, the Dean of ISEG and the Head of the Department of Economics have the privilege to host an event as a tribute to Professors Jorge Santos and Joaquim Ramos Silva, whose respective retirement took place in 2018. Both were Heads of the Department of Economics for a continuous period running from 2010 to 2018, during which time our School experienced important changes and improvements. Indeed, between them both, the two professors unite more than four decades of teaching, research, and academic management activities at ISEG. They have both participated actively in the evolution of the School and have contributed to its profound modernisation. Although both have distinct personalities and vocations, Professors Jorge Santos and Joaquim Ramos Silva have some features in common which represent some of the characteristics of their generation, namely: long periods abroad when they studied for their PhDs; an active participation in academic management, not only at the Department of Economics, but also in the overall management of the School; the responsibility for a wide range of course units and the coordination of degrees at various study cycles; and also the fact that they both achieved the highest level of a university teaching career – Full Professor, with Professor Jorge Santos being a Deacon at the time of his retirement.

The tribute will take the form of a Gala Dinner, to be held on the 8 th of October, at  20.00, in the Noble Hall.

We appeal to all ISEG Departments, faculty and non-faculty, students and alumni to participate in this tribute, in order that this event will be not only an act of recognition of these two distinguished professors who are now embarking on a new phase of their life, but will also be a moment of fraternisation for all, when we will be able to celebrate a past which had in mind the future, which further reaffirms the strength of our School.

Enrolent is open up until the 4th of October, by email  . Price: €26/per head