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23 May 18:00


Come and celebrate the 107th Anniversary of our School at the annual " ISEG AND ALUMNI DAY ", on the 23rd of May, at ISEG, from 18:00 onwards. 

18:00 | WELCOMECSESSION | CGD Auditorium 
            Manuel Mira Godinho, Dean of ISEG 
            Luis Alves Costa, Chairman of Alumni Económicas 

18:15 | CONFERENCE "Going Around 5.0"| CGD Auditorium
            1 st Panel: Horácio Negrão –  "Brief Notes on Entrepreneurship and Leadership" 
                           Clara Raposo –  "The Future ISEG" 
            2 nd Panel: Alumni, The New Generation 
            Moderation by Henrique Monteiro, Journalist from the Expresso 

19:45 | Musical Interlude by the TUNA ECONÓMICAS 

20:00 | COCKTAIL 

20:30 | DINNER| Salão Nobre 
            Award of the "  Alumni of the Year" prize to  
             Mário Machungo -Economic, Political, and Social Career
             Norberto Pilar – Management Career 

Enrolment in the Conference and/or Dinner should be made using the onlineform, by the 21 st of May.  

Further information 
Alumni Económicas 
Email:  | Tel: 213 925 860  |  962 70 3 474