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ISEG is organising the Think Digital event as part of the Postgraduation in Digital Marketing

08 Jun 10:00


ISEG is organising the first edition of the Think Digital event on Wednesday 8th of June, which will about digital marketing.

This event is part of the launch of the ISEG Postgraduation in Marketing Digital and the keynote speakers will be Professor Helena Martins Gonçalves, PhD, scientific coordinator of the programme, Carolina Afonso (ASUS), Sandra Alvarez (PHD), João Nunes (Google), Martim Neto Mariano (Sic Notícias), Rui Ventura (Fuel TV e APPM), and also Professor Vítor Gonçalves, PhD (ISEG).

The event will seek to address the need to rethink the relevant issues for digital marketing, and will explore new approaches. It will also be an opportunity for potential postgraduate candidates to have their first contact with the lecturers of this programme, and for them to get to know better the structure and objectives of the programme.  

Consult the programme here.

Limited seating. Entrance is free, subject to enrolment on:

Information about the Postgraduação in Digital Marketing
The Postgraduation in Digital Marketing aims to address the issue of digital marketing in an integrated manner, fully covering digital marketing strategy, right from its definition and planning, through to its implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Over three teaching modules, students gain a specific knowledge that enables them to develop a digital marketing strategy, define measures and master platforms, and also effectively analyse return on investment.

This Postgraduation in Digital Marketing is taught in partnership with Google and PHD (part of the OmniCom group), both of which are key players in this area at both the national and international level.

The best student of the course will be awarded a prize of 1,500 euros, sponsored by PHD. The enrolment period this Postgraduation has already opened. The first edition starts in September 2016.