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Fairs and Open Days

ISEG Masters Open Week 2021 – Online

08 Feb / 12 Feb from 17:15 to 18:15

In partnership with the ISEG Students Association (AEISEG), ISEG is organising the Masters Open Week 2021 on the 8th to the 12th of February – a week of online sessions, which are open to anyone interested in learning about ISEG’s vast offer of Masters degrees.

Each Master’s degree will be presented in an online session lasting approximately 30 minutes, which will count with the participation of a Master Coordinator, a current Master student, and also a moderator from AEISEG. The session will take place on Microsoft Teams and is open to the general public.

It’s necessary to fill out the registration form, here.

If you are still undecided, you can find out more about the full ISEG Masters offer here.

If you have already decided which Masters you want to study, then feel free to leave your questions in the comments box during the session, which will be analysed and shared by the moderator, or, should you prefer, you can put your questions directly to the Coordinator during the Q&A at the end!

Check out the full programme below.


The session will open with the intervention of the respective Coordinator, who presents the Master’s degree, followed by the testimonial of a current student. The session will be moderated by a representative of AEISEG, who will also conduct the Q&A session after the presentation.

8 February:

Management (MiM) (17h15 – 17h45) – online session HERE

Management & Industrial Strategy (17h45 – 18h15) – online session HERE

Monetary & Financial Economics  (18h15 – 18h45) – online session HERE

Economics (18h45 – 19h15) – online session HERE

9 February:

Gestão de Recursos Humanos (17h15 – 17h45) – online session HERE

Ciências Empresariais (17h45 – 18h15) – online session HERE

Contabilidade, Fiscalidade e Finanças Empresariais (18h15 – 18h45)  – online session HERE

Economia Internacional e Estudos Europeus (18h45 – 19h15) – online session HERE

10 February:

Applied Econometrics and Forecasting (17h15 – 17h45) – online session HERE

Actuarial Science (17h45 – 18h15) – online session HERE

Data Analytics for Business (18h15 – 18h45) – online session HERE

Mathematical Finance (18h45 – 19h15) – online session HERE

11 February:

Accounting (17h15 – 17h45)  – online session HERE

Finance (17h45 – 18h15)  – online session HERE

Economia e Políticas Públicas (18h15 – 18h45)  – online session HERE

Economia e Gestão de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação (18h45 – 19h15)  – online session HERE

12 February:

Métodos Quantitativos para a Decisão Económica e Empresarial (17h15 – 17h45)  – online session HERE

Gestão de Sistemas de Informação (17h45 – 18h15)  – online session HERE

Marketing (18h15 – 18h45)  – online session HERE

Desenvolvimento e Cooperação Internacional (18h45 – 19h15)  – online session HERE