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Korea’s experiences of Economic Development

10 Nov 18:00
Anf. 3 (Quelhas)

Dia 10 de novembro, pelas 18h0


Korea's Experiences in its Economic Development

A talk will be held at ISEG on the 10 th of November on the experience of the Economic Development of South Korea, at 18.00, in Antitheatre 3 (Quelhas building). 

South Korea is now the 13 th largest economy in the world, and is a member of the select G20 group. Together with Japan, it is the second Asian country to have joined the OECD, the club of the rich and developed countries. In the last decade, it has quickly risen up the ranking of the Human Development Index (HDI) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to occupy 15 th place in 2014, ahead of countries such as Japan, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy or Portugal. 

This is not what was expected of the country in late 1953, after the destruction of the nation and the division of the Korean peninsula by the civil war. What has happened since then? The Ambassador of Republic of Korea in Portugal, Yoon Lee, will be visiting ISEG to tell us about the experiences of the country's development over the recent decades.


0, Anfiteatro 3 (Ed. Quelhas).