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Book Launch and Presentation

Launch of a book written by an ISEG alumnus | A Different Outlook in an Equal World, by Fábio Marques dos Santos

29 May 18:00

Don’t miss the launch of the book "A Different Outlook in an Equal World", by Fábio Marques dos Santos, and ISEG alumnus, which will take place on the 29 th of May, at 18.00, at the Terrace (New Quelhas). Free entrance.

" The decision to write a book was taken shortly after leaving ISEG. My book does not, and will never aim to make me a hero nor a villain. Throughout my life I have come across a certain prejudice from people who questioned my intellectual abilities, as I have cerebral palsy. Or, they categorized me as a person without friends, a person who could not have a normal life, or a person who was protected by his parents or even by society itself. By telling my testimony (in the light of my victories and defeats, defects, and qualities) I want to demonstrate that, despite being disabled, we are normal human beings, neither more nor less than others. Therefore, the main objective of my book is to improve Portuguese society's view of physical disabilities. For me, it made a lot of sense to launch this book at ISEG, as it was here at my academic home that I saw that this was possible",Fábio Marques dos Santos


Fábio Marques dos Santos was born with cerebral palsy. An accident during his birth seemed to have condemned the course of his life. The doctors did not predict how severe his disaboiklty would be. When they communicated the news of his clinical status to his mother, Maria José Marques dos Santos, she predicted the way his like would work out: "Doctor, do your best, so that one day my son can still become the President of the Republic!"

This book recounts the recovery of Fábio in the first person, and his life’s journey, which was not always easy, to achieve his main goal: to have a normal life, a life like all others – without any physical disabilities.

His is a journey full of stories, a life full of projects which were lived intensely: a childhood dedicated to his recovery, without playing typical children’s games; an adolescence which was passed surrounded by a group of friends who enabled Fábio to live this phase with all the traditional rebellion of this stage of our lives; he hasa passion for Motor Racing – lived out in his friendship with the then Chairman of the Portuguese Federation of Motor Automobilism and Karting, Luís Pinto de Freitas, and showed remarkable pro-activity, leading a university life in the midst of a very dynamic and proactive group, albeit some financial sacrifices were required to complete his degree … followed by a job abroad, far from his family and friends.

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