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Leadership.YOU Course

29 Mar / 11 Jun from 10:00 to 00:00

The  Leadership.YOU course consist of a training dedicated to the topic of leadership in organisations with the main objective to give participants an opportunity to carry out a process of personal transformation based on reflection and self-knowledge, while at the same time providing the tools and practices of participative and humanist leadership. 

Leadership.YOU is a joint initiative between Hub ULab ISEG, SOCIUS – Centre for Research in Economic and Organisational Sociology and the company Revolutions for a Better World SL, and also counts on the sponsorship of the UNESCO programme for Education for Sustainable Global Peace. 

This course consists of a series of 6 immersions (Fridays and Saturdays) and is structured in the following way: 

1 st Human Value in Leadership 
2 st Individual and Social Conscience
3 st Individual and Collective Conscience in Leadership 
4 st Leadership and Happiness 
5 st Co-creation and Evolution in Leadership 
6 st Leadership and Innovation 

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Creating new leaders requires personal transformation. Accordingly, the dynamics of the sessions are centred around: debates, sharing, individual and group exercises, learning games, and the dynamics of knowledge creation through movements of body expression and creative capacity and personal innovation.

All learning will have associated practical cases – social, organisational, or personal – which will be facilitated through methodologies. The methodology associated with each module will be the basic support for this approach, which will have an experimental component. About 95%. 

The Methodologies covered in this course are: Authentic Leadership, The U Theory, Social Presencing Theatre, Mindfulness, Way of Council, Non-Violent Communication, Lego Serious Play, Sociodrama, Oprimido Theatre, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching. 

The course will be delivered by 12  specialists in this area

CEOs, Senior and Middle Management, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Social Project Organisers, Policy-Makers and Members of the Government, Educators, and Opinion Leaders. There is a limit of 20 places per edition

29 March to 11 May, 2019 

Total duration: 
54 hours 

Fridays: 18.30-22.00 
Saturdays: 08.00 – 13.00 

ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Universidade de Lisboa 

(Discount of 20% for groups, students, and the unemployed) 

During the period of 1to 22 March, 2019. 

Enrolment now open using the form available on .