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Lecture | Need for System Change

06 Nov 19:30
Esplanada (Novo Quelhas)

A lecture will be held on the 6th of November on “The Need for System Change”, on the need for a change in the system – a vision for a sustainable future based on economic democracy, regional self-sufficiency, and the ethical distribution of resources. 

The speaker is Dada Krsnasevananda, an activist monk, who has developed an alternative social and economic theory called “PROUT” (Progressive Utilisation Theory).

The event, which starts at 19.30, on the New Quelhas Esplanade, has been organised by Ananda Marga, a non-profit organisation which aims to help rediscover equilibrium through the practice of meditation, yoga, and a healthy diet, among other practices. 

This spiritual and social service organisation was founded in 1955 in India by the great mystic and yogi, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, also known as P. R. Sarkar.
Nowadays the organisation is spread all over the world and it teaches free meditation. 
Ananda Marga teaches meditation, yoga, and yoga philosophy and lifestyle. She also works in the areas of social service, education, disaster relief, public health, sustainable community development, book publishing, cooperatives, and also in music and arts.
The event open to the general public.

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