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Lost Songs

29 Oct from 21:00 to 23:00
Auditório Caixa Geral de Depósitos

"Lost Songs" 
Carlos Tavares. Manuel Rebelo and Friends

On the 29 th of October, ISEG will host a concert entitled "Lost Songs", in the CGD Auditorium, at 21.00. 

The "Lost Songs" concert is not only an idea to preserve Portuguese music and poetry, but it is also a fund-raising idea. In April 2015, all the proceeds of the concert were donated to the Casa da Misericórdia de Estarreja Association, on the occasion of its 80 th birthday.  Part of the donations of this concert in Lisbon will be devoted to financing the Vocal Emotion musical education programme of the Association (the "Emotion Kids" project), for the children of needy families, and will provide them with their first contact with choral music and a basic musical training. 

"Lost Songs" is the brainchild of Carlos Tavares (President of the CMVM), who challenged Manuel Rebelo to promote the interpretation of new arrangements of a set of songs that had been lost over time and which had disappeared from our memory and our ears. With the help of various musicians and singers from different generations, they have rejuvenated many topics that few will remember, and which most have never even heard of. These could be called "perfect songs", as they are so well written in terms of melody, harmony and words, that they make truly great songs.

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