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Meeting | How to measure poverty? The creation of composite measures

01 Feb 15:00
Anfiteatro 1 (Ed. Quelhas)

The Fight against Poverty Observatory of Lisbon (OLCPL) cordially invites you to attend a meeting on the theme of
"How to measure poverty? The creation of composite measures ", which will take place on the 1st of February at 15.00, in Amphitheatre 1 (Quelhas building, 4
th Floor).

This meeting, which is part of the 10 year celebrations of the founding of the Observatory, will discuss the methodological decisions involved on the creation of composite indicators for measuring social development, especially debate on the
Social Precariousness Index, which is a pilot scheme developed by OLCPL, in conjunction with the consulting firm of Professor Carlos Farinha Rodrigues (ISEG).

Brought about by the launch of the new Social Precariousness Index, this meeting aims to present to a group of researchers and specialists the methodological options adopted in its design and the constraints encountered, as well as generate a debate that will help identify which path to follow, with the intuition of guaranteeing greater robustness and recognition of this type of tools as strategic tools for knowledge and for decision making in the social context.

Representatives from both the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa will be present.

Free entry.

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