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Meeting | Microcredit and Micro-Entrepreneurship: Present and Future

18 Apr from 13:30 to 18:00
Aud. CGD

ANDC – National Association for the Right to Credit is organising a meeting on " Microcredit and Micro-Entrepreneurship: Present and Future" on 18 th of April at ISEG, CGD Auditorium.  

It is approximately 20 years since microcredit was introduced in Portugal by ANDC, in partnership with IEFP and BCP Nova Rede, which were later joined by other banks that adopted this innovative understanding of their social responsibility. It is now the opportune moment to take stock of the experience and the lessons learned and to discuss the role of microcredit in the context of today's challenges for Micro-Entrepreneurship. 

A detailed analysis of the results of ANDC's action over the course of 18 years will be presented on the occasion of the Meeting in the form of a publication, fulfilling the objectives of accountability and the return to society of the lessons learned.

This balance confirms the need to examine the challenges that are currently facing micro-entrepreneurship and discuss the answers required at the moment. 

As a beginning of a debate which, ideally should be broad and culminate in a national conference, this Meeting intends to start to list the questions as well as the possible answers for them, such as: what is the effective role of micro-entrepreneurship in economic and social development?How can the actions for the support of inclusive micro-entrepreneurship reach their potential users? What are the major obstacles for the economic initiatives of people in situations of vulnerability? What are the needs of micro-entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises?What can be learned from the best practices of international partners? 

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