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Open lecture | “Love as a criterion of management”

02 Dec from 18:00 to 19:00

An open lecture will take place on the
2nd of December, 2015, at 18.00, in lecture room 110 of Francesinhas 1, on the topic of
"Love as a criterion of management". 

The speaker is
António Pinto Leite.

This lecture is part of the course in 'Ethics for International Economics and Business of the Masters in International Economics and European Studies.


CV of António Pinto Leite:

  • Chairman of ACEGE – The Association of Christian Businessmen and Managers (2010-2015). Founding partner of "Morais Leitao lawyers partnership". 

  • Lawyer and Arbiter (Portugal and Abroad). Member of the Magistrates Governing Body (nominated by the government). 

  • Regular writer of a column in the Expresso newspaper during 20 years (1990-2010). 

  • Dean of the School of Social Communication (1988-1995).