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Portugal Digital Roadshow

14 Oct 12:00
Auditório 3 (ed. Quelhas, ISEG)




The Portugal Digital Roadshow, will take place this Friday, 14 th of October, at ISEG, as part of the Portugal Digital Week , which is being organised by ACEPI, in partnership with DNS.PT.

The Portugal Digital Roadshow 
is a series of presentations at various universities across the country, designed to inform about the latest digital trends and the results of the Digital Economy in Portugal – 2016 Edition study.

The event will take place on the 14 th of October, at 12.00, in Auditorium 3 (Quelhas building, 2 nd Floor) at ISEG, and will included speakers from DNS.PT, ACEPI, FCT, ISEG and SIBS. The moderator will be Professor Vitor Gonçalves PhD (an ISEG professor).

– PT, Portugal's Internet domain – a guarantee of confidence – a way of being online (Luísa Gueifão, DNS.PT)  
– The Digital Economy in Portugal (Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, ACEPI) 
– Skill sets for the digital economy (Ana Cristina Neves, FCT)  
– The role of ISEG in teaching digital skills (Carolina Afonso, ISEG) 
– The most comprehensive and secure payment service by mobile ´phone (Paulo Jorge Vicente, SIBS)

Free entrance.

See the complete Portugal Digital Roadshow programme  here

Further information
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