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Presentation of the short films | The Revolution Hunter & Metaphors

14 May from 18:30 to 20:00
Auditório 2 | Quelhas
A presentation of the short films ”
The Revolution Hunter & Metaphors” will be held on the
th of May
, at 
18:30, in Auditorium 2 (Quelhas building).


Documentary, Animated,
2014, Portugal, 11'
HD, Black and White
Documentary, Fiction,
2014, Portugal, United Kingdom, 31'
HD, Super 8,
Margarida Rêgo
  Margarida Rêgo
Margarida Rêgo
Mike Wyeld
Margarida Rêgo and the Royal College of Arts
Catarina Vasconcelos
  Catarina Vasconcelos
Catarina Vasconcelos
Voice Off: 
Catarina Vasconcelos e Milton Lopes
Mike Wyeld
Catarina Vasconcelos and the Royal College of Arts 
It all started with a photograph taken in 1974, shortly after the Portuguese Revolution as the people took to the streets.

The Revolutions Hunter tries to enter this

photograph looking for a country, as if they were someone who wants to experience a period in which they never lived in order to understand what it is like being part of a

revolution or what it means to fighting for a country.

"The Revolutions Hunter" is a meeting

between two countries, between two causes, and between two people who seek to transform a country.

“The Revolutions Hunter” tries to enter,

transform and redesign the past, as if it could take lives.
When he became 27, the boy assumed a burden of sadness.

A sadness similar to the summer wind that cuts into

people without asking permission.

Aged 27, the boy accepted that he felt just half a person, with drawers full of emptiness and he cried because he did not have an accordion heart that was able to save his memories in its bellows. At 27 years’ old he stumbled into the autumn and decided to urgently shed his sadness and he wrote to his sister.

9 years after his mother's death, Nuno writes to his sister who lives in London.
This correspondence takes them on a journey into the past, where they try to understand the period during which their mother lived,
and to see how Portugal was in the 70s, when the revolution occurred.
They called it the Carnation Revolution and it was in 1974, when their mother was still young and the chant of  "the people united will never be defeated" echoed in the streets and agrarian reform exploded all over the country.
It is this is meeting point between an autobiographical story and the recent history of Portugal, that makes the film Metaphor, which is full of sadness turned inside out, which is a fight against forgetting.
List of Festivals and Awards
IndieLisboa – Festival Internacional de
Cinema Independente 2014 (World Premiere)
Quinzaine des Réalisateurs Cannes 2014
Forum des Images Paris 2014
Curtas Vila do Conde 2014
T-Mobile New Horizons
International Film Festival 2014
30th Rencontres Cinéma de Gindou 2014
Curtas Belo Horizonte 2014
Kaunas International Film Festival 2014
Les Rendez-vous
de l'Histoire de Blois 2014
Janela Internacional de Cinema
do Recife 2014
L'Alternativa Barcelona 2014
X Panorama Internacional
Coisa de Cinema 2014
Seville European Film Festival 2014
Festival Internacional de Curtas
do Rio de Janeiro 2014
Go Short 2015
List of Festivals and Awards
Cinema du Réel, Paris France, 2014- Best short film award (World Premiere)
Olhar de Cinema, Curitiba International Film Festival, 2014- Curitiba, Brazil
36º Moscow International Film Festival- Moscow, Russia
Instituto Moreira Sales- Primeiros Olhares 2014
FestCurtas BH- Belo Horizonte Film Festival- 2014, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Kaunas International Film Festival 2014- Kaunas, Lithuania
DocLisboa 2014- Lisboa, Portugal
57º Dok Leipzig- 2014, Leipzig, Germany
RIDM (Rencontres International de Montréal) 2014- Montreal,
Canada- Award best medium-length film