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Presentation session of No. 2 of the Manifesto magazine

26 Feb 16:30
Anfiteatro 3 (Ed. Quelhas)

The launch of the second issue of the MANIFESTOmagazine will take place on the 26 th of February, at 16.30 at ISEG (Lecture Theatre 3, Quelhas, 4 th Floor).

This number comes with more pages and new content. Two topics are predominant – a summary of the situation regarding the political solution encountered following the 2015 parliamentary elections, with the unprecedented convergence of left-wing parties in the Portuguese democracy, and the complex and delicate situation resulting from the elections in Brazil last October. This issue of MANIFESTO has two interviews, one with Manuela D'Avila, the former candidate for the position of Vice President of Brazil in the mould of Fernando Hadda, and another with Carvalho da Silva, about the strengthening of left-wing policies. 

This issue includes contributions from more than 30 writers, such as Ana Drago, Daniel Oliveira, Farinha Rodrigues, Jorge Malheiros, José Reis, Paulo Areosa Feio, and Vítor Dias. 

To end, there is a debate on oil exploration in Portugal, in a new section; the contributions  of Luísa Costa Gomes and Regina Guimarães in the News section; the portfolio of Fernando Marante, the works of Júlio Pomar and of Sérgio Condeço and the evocation of Piteira Santos (with na introduction by Manuel Alegre), and also of Paulo Varela Gomes (with the re-publication of a text on cars, cities, and walks from 1993, whose applicability to nowadays  does not go unnoticed). 

Free entrance.