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Reading Course | Capital, 150 Years After

20 Oct / 21 Oct from 10:00 to 00:00
Biblioteca de S. Lázaro

A Reading Course on "Capital, 150 Years After", will take place on the 20 th and 21 st of October, organised by CULTRA – Cooperativa Culturas do Trabalho e Socialismo,  with the participation of Professor Carlos Bastien (ISEG) and Professor Francisco Louçã (ISEG).

The course will take place in the S. Lázaro Library (Lisbon) and will be centred on Karl Marx's book, "Capital".

Although his first volume was published in 1867, Marx had been writing his iconic "Capital" for at least two decades.

In an attempt to decipher the mysteries of economic organisation, Marx proposed to investigate the roots of the question – which was the key to radicalism, as he defended in a letter to Kugelmann in July of the same year. Accordingly, the work was based on the analysis of the exchange of goods, including the study of value, labour and work, class relations, the accumulation of capital, and the crises of the system.

To celebrate 150 years since its publication, CULTRA has organised a reading course of the work that exposes the hidden contradictions of capitalism. In this course, other fundamental works of Marx and Engels are discussed, which encompass the history of the concepts and method that are condensed in the three books of "Capital".

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