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Cultural Events

Recital of Brazilian Music | Fernanda Canaud (piano)

26 Sep from 21:00 to 22:00
CGD Auditorium

The Rectory’s Office of the Universidade de Lisboa and the Cultural Committee of ISEG will host a Recital of Brazilian Music, with the pianist Fernanda Canaud, on 26 September. This initiative is promoted in the scope of the project Música no Museu (Music at the Museum), included in the programme of the celebrations for the 200 years of Brazil’s independence.

The concert will take place at ISEG (CGD Auditorium, Quelhas), at 21.00, as part of the celebrations of ISEG’s 111th anniversary.

Admission free, subject to seating availability.


Ernesto Nazareth – Coração que Sente
Canaud – Prelúdio
Santoro – Paulistana
Gnattali – Morro Contínuo

Mignone – Pequena Valsa de Esquina & Valsa de Esquina n.1
Barroso Netto – Melodia & Valsa Capricho n.2

Villa-Lobos – Valsa da Dor & Polichinello

Radamés Gnattali – Prenda Minha

Chiquinha Gonzaga – Lua Branca
Ernesto Nazareth – Batuque & Odeon

About the Música no Museu project

Started in 1997, it quickly became the largest classical music series in Brazil, recognised by RankBrasil, the Brazilian version of the Guinness Book.

The project has already promoted about 500 concerts per year, mobilising approximately 2,500 musicians every year from north to south of Brazil.

In 2006, it expanded internationally, taking Brazilian music and musicians abroad, including Portugal from north to south, highlighting Lisbon, at the Palácio Foz, and Coimbra, where they participated in the commemorations of the 725 and 730 years of the University.

Over these 25 years of activity, Música no Museu has attracted an audience of one million people and attracted the attention of the Brazilian media, as well as, in Portugal, TAP’s on-board magazine.

With more than 30 awards and various distinctions, it recently received the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Rio de Janeiro.

It was also the subject of Marie Hoffman’s Master’s thesis at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Among countless initiatives, it has also organised the International Harp Festival (RioHarpFestival), for 17 editions, placing Brazil on the world circuit for the harp.

Text by: Sérgio da Costa e Silva, Director of Música no Museu