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Seminar | Behind and Beyond the “Curtain” of China’s and Japan’s Development Co-operation to Africa and the Palops

31 Mar from 18:00 to 20:00
Anfiteatro 1 (Ed. Quelhas)



The next Development Studies seminarorganised by CEsA / CSG will be held on the 31 st de March, and will be moderated by Professor Pedro Raposo (from Universidade de Direito da Universidade Lusíada). Te subject will be the analysis of the Development and Cooperation policy of China and Japan in Africa, especially Portuguese-speaking countries (PALOPs). 

After a brief introduction of the format of Development and Cooperation has been changing over the recent decades, the seminar will concentrate on the changes in the Development and Cooperation policies of China and Japan since the end of the Cold War, and their implications for world-wide paradigm changes. 

China followed its own path regarding its strategy for Development and Cooperation, whereas Japan continued to adopt the norms of the Aid and Development Committee of the OCDE. 

Professor Pedro Raposo will analyses what is behind the Development and Cooperation policies these two Asian countries (motives and interests) and more (their efficiency and results).

The seminar will start at 18.00 in Antitheatre 1 (Quelhas building). 

Free entrance. 

Development Studies – Full Programme