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SEMINAR | Biodinamcs, the future od Agriculture

04 Apr from 18:00 to 18:01
Quelhas 6 / Piso 2 / Sala Edifer

Do you know about the new tendencies for sustainable agriculture?

Are you especially interested in organic farming?


Biodynamics is a type of organic farming that doesn’t require rules and prescriptive advice, but unites the farmer, crops and a vast array of subtle factors which act together to produce a Living World and foodstuffs which can truly healthily feed mankind.

Come and learn more at the programmes that we have prepared for you! 

18.00 -19.20 

Nutrition, Health and Food Safety 

Ecology and the Evolution of the Conscience 

New tendencies in the Market

By João Castela – a specialist in biodynamic agriculture and a consultant to various Portuguese companies. 


19.35 – 20.15 

Conscientious buying – the contributions of Biodynamics

Certification and Quality Standards

By João Castela  

20.15 – 20.45 

The experience of a salesperson of biodynamic wines

By Raquel Fernandes – a member of the staff of Vasco Croft, associate of AFROS and a graduate of the Postdoc in the Wine Business 

20.45 – 21.00 

Wine Tasting led by Prof. Manuel Ferreira 

We’re counting on you!

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