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Seminar | Management in the Third Sector: Challenges of a Changing Society

26 Jan 18:30
Auditório 5

" Management in the Third Sector" will be the theme of the reflection during the next seminar organised by CEGE – The Management Studies Centre of ISEG, which will be held at ISEG, on the 26 th of January, at 18.30, in Auditorium 5 (Quelhas building).

The objective of the event is to reflect on the importance of management for social institutions, the keynote speaker being Edmundo Martinho, vice-chairman of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

Free entry, subject to pre-enrolment.

Enrolment by the 24th of January, by email (, or by telephone (213970264/963903252). 

Poster (pdf)