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Seminar | Nobel Prize for Economics 2020

19 Oct 15:00
Aud. 3 & Online


On the 12th of October it was announced that the Nobel Prize for Economics, 2020 has been awarded to Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson, for their contributions to the Theory of Auctions, which helps the understanding of the setting of prices for the sale of goods and services through auctions, and has given rise to the proposal of new auction formats which are capable of maximising the benefits for buyers, sellers, taxpayers, and society as a whole.


ISEG is organising an analysis and debate regarding this award and its impact on the economy on the 19th of October, from 15.00 to 16.00, (Auditorium 3, Quelhas, 2nd Floor).

Professor Joana Pais, a recognised specialist on Auctions, will moderate a debate with the presence of Dr. João Galamba, the Deputy Secretary of State and Energy and Prof. Vitor Santos, the senior professor of the Department of Economics.

To participate in this debate in person, please enrol using 
this link.

You can also follow the event onlinehere.