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Seminar | Retail Management and Logistics | Coding and new Sales Technologies

22 Apr from 18:00 to 19:00
Sala 306 (Quelhas)




As part of the Postgraduation in Retail Management and Logistics, a seminar on Coding and new Sales Technologies will be held on the 22 nd of April, at 18.00, in Room 306, Quelhas building, ISEG.

One of the speakers will be João de Castro Guimarães: Executive Director of G S1 Portugal, and the representative of Nestlé on the board of GS1 Portugal, who has over 30 year of experience at both the national and international level and who won the "Master Figure of the Year" award of the Masters in Distribution for 2015.

  Free Entrance.

For further information and enrolment contact: 
CEGE- Centro de Estudos de Gestão do ISEG 
Contacts: 963 903 252 |