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Seminar | Seminário | Selling renewables

22 May 10:00
A Seminar entitled  "Selling renewables" will take place on the  22nd of May, at   14.30, in the  Antitheatre 1 (Quelhas buiding). The speaker will be Rafael Solis, EDP Renewables, Spain.
Rafael Solis is currently finishing his PhD in Marketing, at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.
Since 2007, after the worldwide financial crisis, renewable energy companies discovered that their reputation worsened dramatically. They started to be seen as a luxury, as part of the problem, as a way of being less competitive as a country. In this context, renewable energy companies started to make efforts to improve their corporate images and reputation. But not only as individual organizations, but also as an industry. They started to use marketing and corporate communication tools in order to change the perspective about them.
This session will summarize how an issue like this can be approach from a marketing perspective, showing real examples of the renewable industry.