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SEMINAR | The German Wine Market

18 Jul 19:30
Quelhas 6 / Piso 2 / Sala Edifer


The German Wine Market

18th of July, 2014 | 19.30 | 22.30
ISEG | EDIFER Room | Quelhas



Teresa Colaço Rosário

– Specialist in the German wine market



1. A general analysis of the German wine market

  1.1 Production 

  1.2 Stocks 

  1.3 Exports 

  1.4 Wine consumption 

  1.5 A socio-demographic analysis of wine consumption in Germany 

  1.6 The structure of distribution channels 

2. Germany: the largest wine importer in the world 

  2.1 Importation by countries of origin 

  2.2 Importation by levels of quality and by type of bottle (bottled or bulk) 

  2.3 Importation of wine bottled in the country of origin 

3. Quality factors from the German consumer's perspective and a preference study 

4. The positioning of Portuguese wines in the German market: the case of a small producer in a competitive environment 

5. A definition of a strategy for Portuguese wines in the German market



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