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Seminars and Conferences

Seminars | PhD in MAEG

10 Oct 09:00
Sala Iapmei (Ed. Quelhas,3º piso)


Two seminars will take place on the 10th of October, as part of the PhD im Applid Mathematics for Economics and Management, in the IAPMEI Room (Quelhas building, 3rd Floor).

The objectives of these seminars are slightly different from those of a typical research seminar, and they include:

– share in an accessible way for non-experts the most important concepts and problems of the speaker's area of research;

– enable fruitful collaborations between members of the centre, especially those belonging to different areas of interest;

– encourage and educate students, especially PhD and Master students;

– promote the exchange of views and interaction between members of the centre;

– give rise to the co-supervision of MFW or PhD theses aimed at addressing research issues using a multidisciplinary approach.

This seminar cycle also aims to stimulate the creation of proposals for projects to be submitted to CEMAPRE for funding. 

09.00 –   Conservative Dynamics and Applications. 
José Pedro Gaivão (ISEG and CEMAPRE).
>> Abstract: In this talk we will introduce a type of dynamical system without damping or friction. These systems arise naturally in the calculus of variations through the principle of least action. We will survey part of the theory and present some applications. 

10.00 – 
  Recent developments in ruin theory, the standard and the dual risk models. Applications. 
Alfredo Egídio dos Reis (ISEG and CEMAPRE).
>> Abstract: In this talk we present some recent reserach both on the standard and the dual risk models, with applications in insurance and finance, respectively. We will survey the latest publications and present some new findings, as well as recent applications. 

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