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Spring Modules 2016 | Agricultural transformations in Africa

14 Apr / 16 Apr from 10:00 to 00:00
Anfiteatro 1 (Ed. Quelhas)




14th to 16th April
Times: 14th April ( 18.00-20.00, Anf.3)/  15  th April (18.00-20.00, Anf.1)/ 16  th April (10.00-12.00, Anf.1)

This series of seminars aims to present the recent international reconfigurations of food and commodities production, the forms of capital inflow in developing countries, and the local processes of resistance/integration of production systems, particularly for the rural poor, as well as the associated political and social conflicts. The structural changes in the economy and agriculture are analysed, as well as the underdeveloped nature, accumulation patterns, and underlying political and economic alliances of the recipient economies.  

Particular attention is paid to economies rich in natural resources with weak / fragile states, where most of the population lives in rural areas with small-scale agriculture. The phenomenon of land grabbing will be presented, as well as resettlement, political and social conflict, poverty, social inequality, and food security/sovereignty. The subject is debated in three sessions, whose themes/topics are listed below.   


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