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Tertulia | Cities in the Age of Airbnb and Ryanair

20 Apr 19:30
Terraço (Novo Edifício Quelhas)


You are invited to participate in the first IPP  Tertúlia of the 2017 Cycle, which will take place on Thursday, 20 th of April, at ISEG (Terrace, Quelhas' New Building). 

Cities in the Age of Airbnb and Ryanair will be under debate, with Adolfo Mesquita Nunes (ex-S. E. Turismo) and Sandra Marques Pereira (ISCTE), and the moderator will be Pedro Pita Barros (IPP).

We can say that the economic impact of tourism growth on cities is undeniably positive, and that the social impact is less trivial, which raises important challenges for local public policies. What impact does tourism growth have on living conditions in cities? Can we talk about a certain "loss of identity" of a city? Is it possible and desirable to seek to "control" the tourist influx into cities? Are the opportunities and returns of tourism fairly distributed?
After a brief initial presentation of the guests, the debate will commence, which is intended to be open, dynamic and plural.

Participate in this end-of-day, with a stimulating debate in a relaxed atmosphere.  

Free entrance, subject to enrolment on  

Poster (pdf)