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TEST | Bloomberg Aptitude test

29 Apr from 10:00 to 10:01
Francesinhas 2 | Salas 201 e 202

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Bloomber Aptitude test


29 april | 10h00 | Rooms 201 & 202 of the  Francesinhas 2 building

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Take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test on campus 29 APRIL 2014 @ 10AM for the chance to be contacted by over 20,000 companies for unique job opportunities.


What is The BAT?

The BAT is a multiple choice test that evaluates your abilities as relative to a career in finance and then helps you to anonymously market yourself to over 20,000 employers via the Bloomberg Talent Search.  All questions on the BAT evaluate aptitude rather than knowledge so you do not need to have a background in Finance in order to do well on the test.

The BAT is offered FREE of charge on campus and you can also retake the test for FREE and only your best score will be visible to employers. Students of all degrees and all levels of study are invited to take the BAT as we offer a variety of internship and full time job opportunities.


Over 100,000 Connections!

Over 150,000 students have taken the BAT in over 2,000 universities around the world and over 100,000 connections have been made between students and employers to discuss job opportunities. Employers use the Bloomberg Talent Search to connect with students based on their suitability for a role as determined by their BAT profile and test performance on the eight sections of the BAT. It's not about getting the top BAT score, but about finding the best fit for the role!


Main benefits of the BAT:


à Evaluate your strengths

à Discover roles in Finance

à Highlight your BAT score on your CV and Linkedin profile

à Be contacted for local and international job opportunities

à Assess your Business-level English

à FREE on campus

    Free: Bloomberg Briefs

As an added benefit this year, Bloomberg is providing all BAT test-takers a complementary six month subscription to Bloomberg Briefs – Bloomberg's premium industry specific newsletter valued at $2,000 and used by tens of thousands of hedge fund managers, bankers and portfolio managers.  Reading Bloomberg Briefs provides insight into the industry, helps you stay up-to-date on current events and enhances performance in interviews.


How to be successful:


à Review the Sample Questions

à Manage your time (2 hours – 100 multiple choice questions)

à Follow the News

à Retake the BAT to evaluate your improvement over time

à Try it out! If you don't do well, you do not have to publish your scores. Even when published, all scores remain anonymous