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Cultural Events

THEATRE | “In the Seas at the End of the World”

19 Nov from 18:00 to 21:00
Auditório 2

“In the Seas at the End of the World” by Bernardo Santareno, as part of the Especial Wireless Theatre in memory of the centenary of the birth of Bernardo Santareno.

The recording will be made in Auditorium 2 of ISEG with the Artistas Unidos for RTP2 on the 19th of November, at 18.00.




Nuno Gonçalo Rodrigues,

Manuel Wiborg,

João Meireles,

Américo Silva,

António Simão,

Pedro Caeiro,

Pedro Carraca

Antónia Terrinha

Producer: Jorge Silva Melo.


Bernardo Santareno

In 1957 and 1958, Bernardo Santareno worked as the on-board doctor for the Portuguese cod fleet that headed off every year to Newfoundland and Greenland. He drew small pictures with stories, portraits, descriptions, landscapes, and tragedies on sketchpads, which were not only one of the most remarkable documentation of the reality that was ours at the time, but also an amazing literary work. These paintings are the origin of “O Lugre”, the play that was produced by Amélia Rey Colaço, at the National Theatre. In this case, Jorge Silva Melo has adapted the play for radio.