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Think Digital Talks with Catarina Cabral (Cabify)

13 Nov 10:00
Auditório 2 (ed. Quelhas, ISEG)

As part of the ISEG Postgraduation in Digital Marketing, we are going to hold another Think Digital event, this time dedicated to mobile appliances.

​A considerable part of the ‘consumer journey’ is made today through mobile appliances, especially during the research phase. One of the challenges for those companies that have invested in mobile appliances is to know its users.

Catarina Cabral, head of marketing of Cabify, will share with us her experience over the years.

Join us on the 13 th of November, at 18.30, in Auditorium 2 (Quelhas, 2 nd Floor).

Enrolment is free, subject to registering on: ​ 

Poster (pdf)