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Town Planning and its impact on Real Estate values

20 Nov / 23 Nov from 10:00 to 00:00
Auditório 3 (Ed. Quelhas)

As part of CPD – 
Continuous Professional Development, RICS Portugal is organising a training session on "
Town Planning and its impact on the Real Estate Values".

This training will be led by Professor Jose Álvaro Pereira Antunes Ferreira, and will take place on the 20
th to the 23
rd of November, from 15.00 to 18.00, at ISEG (Quelhas, Auditorium 3, 2
nd Floor).

The training is free of charge for Associates of the RICS and ISEG students.

Biography of the Trainer:  

José Álvaro Pereira Antunes Ferreira has a PhD in Civil Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico. He is an Aggregate Associate Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico and is responsible for the disciplines of Urban Planning and the Principles of Land Planning for the Masters in Town Planning and Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Engineering and Transport Planning and Operations, at Instituto Superior Técnico.

He has coordinated the re-appraisal of various Town Planning Masterplans, Detailed Plans and Urban Expansion Plans. He is also the Vice-Chairman of APU – The Portuguese Association of Town Planners and Vice-Chairman of OPET – The Engineering and Technology Observatory. Member and researcher at CESUR/CERIS.

The multi-day session totals 6 hours in formal class room format.