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Transforming Capitalism

12 Apr 15:00
Sala 101 (Novo Quelhas)

Come along to the session on "Transforming Capitalism", by the Presencing Institute, which will be broadcast live on the 12
th of April, at 15.00, in Room 101 (New Quelhas).  

The keynote speakers will be Kate Raworth and Lorenzo Fioramonti. 

The session will last about 60 minutes and will be followed by an online debate between small groups of participants from all over the world.

Don’t miss out!!! Free entrance, subject to enrolment: 

The Presencing Institute (PI) is a global community for action that uses U-Theory to bring about social change and the change of socio-economic systems from EGO-systems to ECO-systems. 

Further information on: 

Apresentação "Transforming Capitalism Lab" (pdf)