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Tribute to J.M. Carvalho Ferreira

20 Nov from 18:00 to 23:00

Tribute to J. M. Carvalho Ferreira

Following on from the retirement of
Professor Doutor José Maria Carvalho Ferreira, a group of colleagues and friends have decided to organise an event in his honour. It is therefore with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to participate in this event, which will be held on the
th of November


The tribute will include a round table conference on the theme of Society and Utopia, during which some guest speakers will reflect on the scientific contributions, civic intervention and human dimension of
José Maria Carvalho Ferreira. This will be followed by a toast with Port wine and a celebratory dinner.


The conference starts at 18.00 and will end at 20.00, and the toast will be served in the cloisters of the Quelhas building at ISEG.

The dinner will take place in the Salão Nobre of the same building at 20.30.

To help with the organisation, we request that you please reply by the 13
th of November at the latest, confirming your presence at the conference/toast and/or dinner, by E-mail to:

Should you be attending the dinner, we would be grateful if you could lease confirm whether you prefer meat/fish/vegetarian, and pay €20 in person at SOCIUS (at ISEG, Rua Miguel Lupi No. 20, Gabinete 203), or at the Department of Social Sciences (Gabinete 111 in the same building).


CV of J.M. Carvalho Ferreira


Organising Committee  

Helena Jerónimo  

Idalina Dias Sardinha 

Isabel Mendes  

João Carlos Lopes  

Manuel Coelho  

Rafael Marques  

Rita Raposo


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