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Virtual Conversations Cycle | “A Covid-19 and the Future of Global Governance”

21 May from 18:30 to 19:30

From 23 April to 21 May, Oficina Global* is organising a Virtual Conversations Cycle on the effect of the current Covid-19 on the future of global governance, in collaboration with ISEG’s Masters in International Development and Cooperation.

This initiative will occupy the timetable of the habitual
Development Studies Seminars*.

Each conversation will last an hour and will count with the presence of two guest speakers and a moderator, who will lead the debate. Participates will have the opportunity to put questions to the guest speakers.



21 May | Economics and Finance
Opportunities and threats for the international financial system in combatting Covid-19


– Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr., Economist, ex-Vice cChairman of Novo Banco de Desenvolvimento dos BRICs (2016-2017) and executive director of the FMI for Brazil (2007-2015)

– Eugénia Pires, Reseracher at the Collaborative Laboratory for Work, Employment and Social Protyection (CoLABOR)


Moderator: João Silva, Reseracher at CEsA/ISEG

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*About the Oficina Global

The debate regarding development is now centered on sustainability, equality, social justice, and peace, as well as on growth and economic exploitation. The Oficina Global is an innovative initiative of CEsA/ISEG and the Masters in Development and International Cooperation (MDCI), which aims to promote debate regarding global development in Portuguese, and also to reinforce the role of the University community (students, faculty, and researchers) as a resource and a meeting-point between the private and public sector and society as a whole.



**Development Studies Seminars

An on-site initiative organised by CEsA, ISEG, IGOT, ISA, and ICS, whose 2020 Edition had to be interrupted due to the Covid-19 safety measures.