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Webinar | Redefining Customer Experience in Turbulent Times

29 Oct from 18:15 to 19:00


In times of pandemic, an entire population was “obligeed” to use services and to buy products which they had never tried before. Some of these new experiences were positive, while others were not.

Once the current crisis is over, it is important to know which of these new habits are here to stay, and to which behaviours and buying habits customers will return as soon as they can.

This is a crucial issue for all companies and organisations, as customer loyalty requires an in-depth and detailed knowledge of their expectations and needs. Should these change, then it is absolutely critical that one knows how to accompany these changes in a timely fashion.

Member of faculty: Rui Santos
Chairman of the Board of AproCS – Association of Customer Service Professionals. Managing Director of InPar- In Partnership Business Consulting. Senior Advisor at IDC Portugal for the Omnichannel Customer Experience areas. Bachelors in Systems and Computer Engineering from IST. Postgraduations in Marketing from ISCTE-IUL and Management from INSEAD | Fontainebleau. Certified in Service Design Thinking by Koos. Certified coach from the World Coaching Organisation and Level 1 of the European Coaching School.

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