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WORKSHOP | Storytelling Through Infographics

28 Mar from 09:30 to 09:31
Quelhas 6 | Piso 3 | Room Delta


It seems like everybody is creating infographics and data visualisations these days. But while these can look pretty, all too often they don't tell a clear, compelling story. This one-day course will teach you how to spot key stories in data and bring them out in engaging and attractive infographics which pack a punch.


The workshop is led by Christian Tate, Art Director of Delayed Gratification magazine and Rob Orchard, Editorial Director of Delayed Gratification magazine, both of whom lecture on the subject at Guardian Masterclasses. It comprises a mix of presentations and seminars with plenty of practical exercises, shortcuts and templates to make the infographics research and creation as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. There will be opportunities on the day to discuss individual projects with the tutors, and how-to handouts so you can continue to learn after the class.


Workshop description

The Storytelling Through Infographics course will take participants through the key decisions which need to be taken to tell a powerful story through data design. It will start with a look at the main principles behind creating infographics, with examples of good and bad practice. The  workshop will then cover how different storytelling approaches can be taken with the same data set and work through data gathering, setting parameters for data sets, choosing what to include, categorisation, hierarchy and appropriate forms of representation. The emphasis throughout will be on combining a journalistic eye with a strong design sensibility to make sure infographics both look good and tell a powerful story.


Alongside lectures, participants will engage in a series of hands-on exercises. They will analyse data sets to discover the best stories and approaches, look at design scenarios to work out the sort of data sets which need to be found (and come up with strategies to get this data) and present suggested treatment ideas to the group.


This workshop will not involve computers – all outlines and ideas sketches will be done on paper – but participants may wish to bring laptops in order to be able to play with data sets.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Journalists, marketing and other communications professionals looking to present stories attractively
  • Designers who want to develop their infographics skills and give them a journalistic edge
  • Freelancers hoping to pitch infographics to publications and organisations


Tutor profiles

Christian Tate is the Art Director of the Slow Journalism Company, publishers of Delayed Gratification magazine. He has created countless infographics ( click here to see a selection of recent work in Delayed Gratification magazine), including one which won the silver award for data visualisation at the 'Information is Beautiful' awards. As well as his work at Delayed Gratification magazine, he has created infographics for Mazda, Zurich, Empire magazine and the BBC.

Rob Orchard is the Editorial Director of the Slow Journalism Company. He works in partnership with Christian to bring together data sets to tell fascinating political, cultural and social stories through infographics, researching and editing all the infographics in Delayed Gratification magazine. He has years of experience in writing and commissioning features, and also runs the Features Writing Masterclass at the Guardian.



28th March: 9.30am – 5pmWhere
The workshop will take place at Sala Delta do ISEG (School of Economics and Management of the University of Lisbon), Edifício Quelhas,  Rua do Quelhas, 6 (Santos). 



250€ (includes VAT, booking fee, lunch and refreshments)


Refunds Policy

You may cancel your registration for this workshop if your notification is received by CADA with a minimum of 7 days prior to the start of the workshop. If CADA has received your notice of cancellation within this time frame (and has acknowledged your notice), CADA will refund any fees received from you.





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