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Workshops | Optimize to Succeed!

24 Nov 10:00

“Optimize to Succeed!” is a programme of workshops created by the Career Office with the objective to help in the preparation for the Job Fair …. and not only!

If you thought that it would not take place this year, then you were wrong! The ISEG Career Forum is here and will take place on the 18th of February! We are preparing a surprise for you … maybe even with a virtual version of the Francesinhas Patio… who knows?

For now – with the support of the Students Association – we are thinking about your preparation!

Enrolment will be carried out through JobTeaser. The links for enrolment feature in the programme below. 

There is only a limited number of places available. 


>> 24th of November at 16.00 – Optimize your CV & Cover Letter – PwC (Tomás Cruz Rodrigues asnd Catarina Luz)
In conjunction with PWC, we will explain to you the DOs and DON’Ts that you need to bear in mind when writing your CV and also what the main topics are that need to be addressed  when writing your motivation letters!
>> 25th of November at 16.00 – Optimize your LinkedIn Profile – Deloitte (Sílvia Simões Martins)
In conjunction with Deloitte, we will explore the LinkedIn platform and help you create and/or optimize your profile in order that you can create your position that stands out for companies.
>> 26th of November at 16.00 – Optimize your Pitch – Speak & Lead  (David Mourão)
In conjunction with Speak & Lead, we will help you make a great first impression with companies, improving your “Elevator Pitch”!
>> 2nd of December at 16.00 – Go through a recruitment process and succeed! – EY (Andreia Reis)
In conjunction with EY, we will share some tips to enable you to prepare yourself properly for the recruitment processes, giving you concrete examples of how you can differentiate and succeed when it’s your turn!
>> 3rd of December at 16.00 – Manage your career and succeed! – Solvay (Joana Adriano)
In conjunction with Solvay, we want to help you define your goals in order to be able to locate the opportunities that really interest you better, as well as how you should manage your job search and what you can expect from the job Market!