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XVII Seminar on Brazilian-Portuguese Relations: the Internationalisation of Businesses

26 Nov / 27 Nov from 12:30 to 00:00


Since 2004, the Faculty of Economics of UFMG (Brazil) and ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Universidade de Lisboa have been organising in close collaboration an event on Brazilian-Portuguese Relations – the Internationalisation of Businesses, which is aimed for faculty, researchers, students, and professionals, with the objective of strengthening historical, cultural, institutional, and academic links between the two countries.

This year’s edition has the honour of being co-organised by Escola Politécnica da UFRJ, to celebrate the Centenary Commemorations of this prestigious School. The topic chosen is apt for this time of great uncertainty and expectations with regards the future – “Bilateral Cooperation in Time of Pandemic: what can we learn?”. The event will take place online on the 26th and 27th of November 2020.

Brazil and Portugal “An Ocean which unites us”


Allan C.Q. Barbosa, FACE UFMG
Joaquim Ramos Silva, ISEG ULisboa
Filomena Ferreira, ISEG ULisboa

Free entrance, subject to obligatory enrolment on this link.

PROGRAMME (download here)


Day 1 – 26th of November, 2020

09:30 BR/12:30 PT – Opening

Allan C Q Barbosa, FACE UFMG

Joaquim Ramos Silva, ISEG ULisboa

Clara Raposo, Dean of ISEG ULisboa

Hugo Eduardo, Diretor FACE UFMG

Claudia Morgado, Director of Poli UFRJ


10:30 BR/13:30 PT – Opening Conference

“The technological and social challenges of the pandemic and the Portuguese-speaking world”

Francisco Seixas da Costa, ex-Ambassador to the United Nations, to OSCE, to Brazil, to France, and to UNESCO


11:20 BR/ 14:20 PT– Break


11:30 BR/ 14:30 PT – Round Table 1 – Management in times of Pandemic: Lessons learned in Brazil and in Portugal

Moderators: Allan C Q Barbosa, FACE UFMG and André Magrinho, Fundação AIP


Jefferson Sales, Universidade Federal de Sergipe

José Verissimo, ISEG ULisboa “The role of technology in times of pandemic”

Fernando Domingues, i2AI, SP “Artificial Intelligence and Overcoming the Crisis”

Maria Martins, Quidgest, Lisboa “Data Protection Management in times of pandemic”


13:00 BR/16:00 PT – Closing session



Day 2 – 27th of November, 2020


09:00 BR/12:00 PT – Round Table 2 – “Technological Parks and the new environment – strategic and development challenges”

Moderators: Renata Barcelos, CPMG and Antonio Palma dos Reis, ISEG ULisboa


Maria Oliveira, UPTEC Technological and Science Park of Universidade do Porto – “The UPTEC case – the Technological Park of Universidade do Porto”

Marco Aurélio Crocco, BHTEC Parque Tecnológico de Belo Horizonte

Eduardo Baptista Correia, TagusPark “The importance of a long-term development strategy”

Vicente Ferreira, UFRJ Parque da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro “The UFRJ Technological Park and the acceleration of digital transformation”


10:30 BR/13:30 PT – Break


10:45 BR/13:45 PT – Round Table 3 – “Academics and the new normal – opportunities and research experiences”.

Moderators: Joaquim Ramos, ISEG ULisboa and Claudia Bitencourt, Unisinos


Jorge Gomes, ISEG ULisboa “What is the new normal mean? Continuities and discontinuities in university academic teaching” 

Sergio Evangelista, UFOP “Research and science after the pandemic: a reflection from the crisis/ opportunity dialectic view”

Luciana Santa Rita, UFAL “Foresight of the industry 4.0 technologies – the relationship between academics and the market”

Cristina Parente, FLUP


12:15 BR/ 15:15 PT – Break


12:30 BR/ 15:30 PT – Closing Conference

“Covid-19: Impacts and Challenges for the Brazilian Economy”.
Reynaldo Rubem Ferreira Junior, Professor at UFAL and of the Postgraduations in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation of PROFNIT (UFSC)
Advisor to SEBRAE-AL and a consultant of the Federation of Industries of Alagoas.


13:20 BR/16:20 PT – “An Ocean which unites us” – nearly two decades later: a review and preparation for the XVIII Seminar

Allan C Q Barbosa, FACE UFMG

Joaquim Ramos Silva, ISEG ULisboa

Jorge Gomes, ISEG ULisboa

Roberto Sbragia, FEA USP 

Filomena Ferreira, ISEG Ulisboa



*to be confirmed