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XVIII Brazil Portugal Seminar | Sustainability and Digital Transformation Post-Pandemic

09 Dec / 10 Dec from 12:30 to 15:45

The XVIII Brazil Portugal Seminar will take place on the 9th and 10th of December on the topic of “Sustainability and Digital Transformation Post-Pandemic”.

This event has been organised by ISEG in conjunction with the Faculty of Sciences of UFMG (Brazil) since 2004, and is aimed for academia, researchers, students, and professionals, with the objective to strengthen historic, cultural, inter-university, and academic links between the two countries.

Free participation, subject to enrolment by the deadline of the 6th of December. LINK FOR ENROLMENT


Dia 1 | 9th of December, 2021

09:30 BR/12:30 PT – Opening session
Allan C. Q. Barbosa, FACE UFMG
Joaquim Ramos Silva, ISEG ULisboa
Sandra Regina Goulart Almeida, Rector’s Office, UFMG
Luís Manuel dos Anjos Ferreira, Rector’s Office, Ulisboa
Manuel Mira Godinho, Vice-Dean ISEG ULisboa
Carlos Alberto Lopes, Chair CPMG

10:30 BR/13:30 PT – Opening Conference
The Startup Lisboa Ecossystem
Miguel Fontes, Chair of Startup Lisboa

11:20 BR/ 14:20 PT – Break
11:30 BR/ 14:30 PT – Table 1 – New Businesses – challenges and opportunities
Moderators: Renata Barcelos, CPMG and André Magrinho, Fundação AIP
Ana Venâncio, ISEG ULisboa
Ricardo Rossetto, UNIVALI
Anabela Bento, ISQ
Carlos Silva Júnior, Conexão Ágil

13:00 BR/16:00 PT – Closing session

Dia 2 | 10th of December, 2021

09:00 BR/12:00 PT – Table 2 – The current challenges for leadership and personnel management
Moderators: Allan C. Q. Barbosa, FACE UFMG and Jorge Gomes, ISEG ULisboa

Maria José Tonelli, FGV SP
Graça Batista, Universidade dos Açores
Dalila Pinto de Almeida, Talent Manager
Silvano Aragão, Patrimar Brasil

10:15 BR/13:15 PT – Break

10:20 BR/13:20 PT – Table 3 – The importance of the Academy for implementing SDG
Moderators: Claudia Bitencourt, UNISINOS and Joaquim Ramos Silva, ISEG ULisboa

Jefferson Sales, UFS
Luisa Cerdeira, IE ULisboa
Claudia Morgado, UFRJ
Ana Veloso, Universidade do Minho

11:35 BR/ 14:35 PT – Break

11:45 BR/ 14:45 PT – Closing Conference
Mobilising knowledge to generate wealth through innovation
Nívio Ziviani, Emeritus Professor, UFMG and Kunumi, Brazil

12:45 BR/15:45 PT – “An Ocean unites us” coming up to two decades on the road: evaluation and preparation of the XIX Seminar
Allan C. Q. Barbosa, FACE UFMG
Joaquim Ramos Silva, ISEG ULisboa
Jorge Gomes, ISEG ULisboa
Graziella Comini, FEA, USP
Roberto Sbragia, FEA USP 
Filomena Ferreira, ISEG Ulisboa