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Student Clubs

Feel the diversity and energy of ISEG community. ISEG has various associations which exist to enrich school life, promote its culture, and build relationships between its many diverse individuals and groups.

No matter what areas and topics you’re interested in, ISEG’s Associations and Clubs are a great way to fully embrace #lifeatiseg.

Find one here which suits you:


The ISEG Students Association provides a link between students and faculty. It provides an infrastructure and organisation for a wide range of sporting, recreational, and social events.  Members have access to its copy centre and bookshop, which a basic requirement for university life.

ISEG Junior Business Consulting

ISEG Junior Business Consulting is a not-for-profit organisation which is totally composed of and run by university students.

The JBC carries out varied contract-based projects for companies, creating a link between the academic and business worlds, maximising the potential to learn by doing’. In other words, JBC students are putting the theoretical knowledge taught in lectures into practice.

JBC students gain practical experience in management, leadership, and professional work. They are placed in the situation of having to deliver a project right from the initial planning and analysis stage through to its conclusion and follow-up.


LeapVentures belongs to Universidade de Lisboa and its main objective is to encourage an entrepreneurial culture within ISEG, as well as to stimulate the creation of ideas and the development of the personal skills of its students.

In addition to the organisation of events and conferences designed to promote the entrepreneurial culture, LeapVentures also sources vacancies for summer internships for students to provide work experiences in Startups. LeapVentures currently has two projects under development: a university freelancer platform that is to be launched at the end of the 2020-2021 Academic Year, and a new project which aims to accelerate ideas for ISEG.

ISEG Business Club

The main objective of the ISEG Business Club is to create and transmit knowledge to ISEG students which best prepares them and integrates them into the economic, financial, and business world of which they will be a part of after their academic journey. Through the promotion of a series of activities which support their personal and professional development, IBC helps students bridge the gap between university and the job market.

ISEG + Solidário

ISEG + Solidário its a student club, whose main objective is to make the entire community aware of the environmental and social needs of society. Our mission is to promote social and environmental initiatives.


It is a non-profit student organization that seeks, through the constructive, creative and challenging spirit of competitive debate, to foster the development of students and the rest of the University of Lisbon community – through its communicative, technical and human skills.


ISEG Junior Talent Recruitment is the first and only national Junior Human Resources Consultant. It offers personalized Recruitment & Selection services in order to satisfy the real needs of our clients.

Focused on promoting the link between university students and Start-Up’s and SMEs, it instills in its members an entrepreneurial spirit and provides an approach to a highly innovative and constantly regenerating market.

The various external and internal projects of the ISEG JTR culminate in an environment of engagement and learning, taking members from theory to practice, while developing a range of important soft skills.

The motto?
Working Together to Boost Your Future


AIESEC is an international student association run by students. It’s over 60 years old and active in 113 countries. The association gives young people an opportunity for studying and working abroad. It provides them with a personal and professional development through experiences ranging from operational work to top management, including professional internships.

AEISEC members begin by joining the department that is most aligned with their own goals (human resources, finance, communication and marketing, business relations or international relations). After gaining organizational experience and knowledge, they can progress to the managerial levels of those departments and of the organization itself, on a local level.

Tuna Económicas

If you are passionate about music and like to sing or play an instrument, then Tuna Económicas is for you. ‘Tunas’ are traditional Portuguese student music groups. ISEG’s was founded in 1992, and since then has participated in dozens of events every year, stimulating the school spirit and continuing this academic tradition.

LIS – Lisbon Investment Society 

ISEG LIS (Lisbon Investment Society) was created in 2016 by ISEG students. Its main goals are to encourage students to develop an interest in finance and activities that enhance their overall skills, and to build stronger and closer relations between themselves and important financial institutions. 

To achieve these goals, ISEG LIS cultivates a close relationship with its members through the organisation of activities such as debates, social events, challenges, and content creation.

ISEG YES – Young Economics Society

The ISEG Young Economics Society exists to debate micro and macroeconomic issues. This organisation shares news of important world events with its members and its vision about them.