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Professores do ISEG participam em Workshop na Universidade de Oxford

Workshop "Economic Diplomacy: From Domestic to International Politics"

University of Oxford

St John's College, Dolphin Seminar Room

28 May 2010, 3.00pm


The fast pace of the economic globalization process in the last decades has led the European Union and Member States to face new challenges. One of the most important themes is how the EU should proceed to have an active role in order to be relevant in the world market. The common external trade policy does not imply that each country can not use its own economic and commercial instruments in order to get a larger share in international trade and investment. At a time of huge competition and arrival of new emerging countries, economic diplomacy seems to be an important tool for countries to deal with the new world economic environment. This workshop will discuss the specific features of Portugal's economic diplomacy framed in its foreign policy and as a public policy in the context of the adaptability of the European Union's foreign policy to a changing world.


Foto Professores

– Manuel ENNES FERREIRA (School of Economics and Management, Technical University of Lisbon – ISEG/UTL) – Economic diplomacy as a public policy: the Portuguese Francisco Rocha Gonçalves (SOCIUS/ISEG)

– Antonio GOUCHA SOARES (ISEG/UTL) – Europe in a changing world.



Manuel Ennes Ferreira – SOCIUS – ISEG/UTL

Gavin Williams – Oxford University, DPIR

Luisa Pinto Teixeira – Oxford University -Instituto Camões Centre

Organized by
the Instituto Camões Centre and the Research Centre in Economic and Organizational Sociology (SOCIUS) at ISEG/UTL with the Department of Politics and International Relations (University of Oxford).