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Artigo de professores e investigadores do ISEG aceite para publicação na revista internacional do ISI – The Annals of Regional Science

Foi aceite para publicação na revista internacional do ISI "The Annals of Regional Science" o artigo com o título "A new kind of production and value-added multiplier for assessing the scale and structure effects of demand shocks in input-output frameworks" da autoria de João Ferreira do Amaral, João Dias e João Carlos Lopes, investigadores no UECE/ISEG.


The main purpose of this paper is to develop a new kind of input-output multiplier that would be particularly well suited to quantifying the impacts of final demand changes on the sectoral output or value-added growth potential of an economy. Instead of using the traditional output multipliers, solving an appropriate optimization problem provides what can be called input-output Euclidean distance multipliers. The method does not impose unitary final demand shocks with a fixed (predetermined) sectoral structure, thus allowing the economy to change across the spectrum of all possible final demand variations represented by vectors of modulus 1. It can be very helpful in measuring interindustry linkages and key sectors in a national or regional economy. An empirical illustration is made, using national (Spain and Portugal) and regional (Balearic Islands and the Azores) input-output data.